The Only Name You Need To Know
Burgess has been Family owned and operated for nearly 50 years!

Founded in 1968 by Easley Burgess to provide local farmers with much needed supplies, in 1989 Easley's son Steve, along with his wife Dana, purchased the business. Stephanie Everett, the third generation of Burgess, began working at the store in 2002 and today she is the store manager. The fouth generation, Caden (11 years old) and Carly(5 years old) Everett can be seen on the sales floor learning the family business.

1968  Burgess is founded By Easley Burgess.
1971  Burgess relocates to its current location. The store was originally    
           4,000 square foot.
1972 Burgess under goes three more additions. Expanding the store to   
 thru   9,240 square feet.
1990  Steve and Dana Burgess purchased the store.
1992  Burgess began converting space from feed and farm supplies to   
           include hardware.
1993  Blizzard collapses the front porch and the feed storage room.
1996  A wall was removed to add additional retail space to the store.
2002  Wind shear blew down a wall and collapsed the roof of the warehouse.
            A new warehouse is constructed totalling 4,730 square feet.
2002  Stephanie Everett starts working for the family business.
2003  A 2,500 square feet addition was built to add more retail space.

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